Ace Parking Focuses on Customer Service

Lead and LearnAce Parking serves approximately 250,000 customers every day, and their primary focus is ensuring that each and every one of those customers has a positive experience. Creating and maintaining robust relationships with their customers is something that they value highly. Not that they relish in the mistakes of others; however, they take away a learning experience when they hear about another companies customer service errors, and they improve upon their own customer relations.

A recent incident which involved a chain of grocery stores started out with what could have been a customer service nightmare, but by the quick thinking of a manager, the situation was brought under control, and the reputation of the chain was saved. These are the types of lessons that Ace Parking takes away from others.

Ace Parking Managing Principal and partner Keith B. Jones states, “The way a company handles the problem is a true signifier of how highly they prioritize customer service. Ace Parking has a belief from the moment the situation occurs, the clock starts ticking and we become accountable for how long it takes to respond. Ace strives to reach out to our customers as quickly as possible once an issue is brought to our attention. Waiting to speak with a customer only makes the situation worse, and it’s our job to provide resolution.” Jones also made a statement saying, “We are in the business of earning every thank you so to us, and every situation is an opportunity to turn the situation from a negative to a positive.”

Ace Parking takes lessons from others about how to improve upon their customer service, and how to keep their customers coming back, but, just maybe it should be the other way around. Based on the many positive experiences that Ace Parking customers have, other companies should be taking lessons from these customer service pros.