Ace Parking Management and Company Gives Back

Ace Parking Gives Back

The birth of Ace Parking San Diego was one that spurred a change in the parking management industry.

A Little History

Over 60 years ago, one man was sitting in a small booth on a parking lot and decided that it was time to leave his mark on the San Diego community, and create a legacy for his children.  It was then, in 1950, that Ace Parking was founded on the principle of “neighbor helping neighbor” by Evan Jones.

When he founded Ace Parking, he did so with the hope of creating a better future and creating a company that would stay true to its motto of “every thank you earned.”  When he was raising his son, and successor, Scott Jones, he did his very best to plant the seed of this value, which blossomed into a mighty oak tree.  Scott jones then decided to continue his father’s legacy and did the same with his successor, Keith Jones, who is now the Managing Principal and Partner at Ace Parking.  This tree of corporate social responsibility and environmental awareness keeps growing and grows stronger by the month.

Environmental Awareness

Ace Parking has stood out like a lighthouse, illuminating the benefits of eco-awareness.  The company is now one of the five largest parking management companies in the United States with over 450 locations.   Ace Parking has spent millions of dollars on implementing green technology, such as solar powered EV stations and eco-friendly asphalt.  No other company in the parking management field rivals their unending dedication to the environment.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Many multimillion-dollar companies could care less about their impact on the environment and much less about what they give back to the community.  Scott Jones and Keith Jones, Ace Parking principals, however, do not share the same sentiment.  Ace Parking has made important strides in the area of corporate social responsibility.  They believe that the dedication to the communities in which they operate is essential for financial and community success.  The company has already become involved in philanthropy with more than 50 different organizations across the nation.

With Ace Parking, Keith Jones, and Scott Jones, it will continue to be a company that gives back to communities across the nation. Check out for the organizations that we support.