Ace Parking: Then and Now

Ace Parking Then and NowMr. Evan Jones, the founder of Ace Parking always felt that business should be approached with professionalism that incorporated expertise as well as ethics.  He was a very traditional San Diegan with the idea of “neighbor helping neighbor” at all times.

Evan’s Legacy

The baton of leadership passed from Evan to his son Scott, who then passed it to the current managing principal, his son, Keith Jones.  Throughout the years, there have been good times and bad times, but the company endured and has grown to become one of the largest parking management companies in the United States.  Even more impressive is their dedication to customer service with their motto, “Every Thank You Earned™,” as well as their unending dedication to excellence and environmental awareness.

Social Awareness

In the spirit of honoring Ace Parking’s founder, the company has never lost sight of social awareness and unity.  They are extremely active in social reconstruction and rehabilitation projects as well as a number of charities across the United States.  They do, however, show preference for the founder’s and the company’s hometown.  The city of San Diego has always been at the heart of Ace Parking’s charity efforts.  Whether it means helping families in need or offering donations to the San Diego Police Department to make the city safer, Ace Parking has always been there.

Green Initiatives

While many companies grow exponentially and forget about environmental awareness, Ace Parking has always kept their eye on the ball.  They implement practices, such as solar charging stations for electric vehicles to environmentally friendly asphalt.  They also focus on energy efficiency and spreading awareness to their customers and employees about the importance of the environment.

Evan Jones, Scott Jones, and Keith Jones of Ace Parking have always strived for excellence within their company and make every effort to help the community and serve as a beacon of excellence for San Diego and their competition.