Ace Parking & Park Mobile Collaborate

ace parking park mobileFinding parking spaces in any major city can be quite a hassle.  Park Mobile has made it simpler for parking in San Diego and in other Ace Parking lots. Parking in San Diego, a city of over 1.3 million people, where the average amount of cars per household is about 1.8, can cost you countless hours over the course of a year.

The Solution

In an effort to make your busy life a little simpler, Ace Parking, one of the premiere parking companies in the United States, has recently collaborated with Park Mobile.  Park Mobile is a company that provides you with an easy way to find and pay for available parking spaces across the United States.

How It Works

The way that the Park Mobile system works is that you download the mobile App from the iTunes store, Google Play, Windows Market or Blackberry Market.  You can also use the mobile web version that can be used if you do not have the app.  After you have downloaded the app, you choose a membership plan and register your vehicle.

You can send payment for your parking spaces using PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express cards.  When you have found parking spaces near you using the Zone Number listed on the parking areas and you have made your reservation, simply go to the parking spot you have reserved and park.

Though the parking meter may not show that you have paid, enforcement officers will verify your payment status by checking your space number and zone number.  One of the greatest features of Park Mobile is that you can receive a notification 15 minutes prior to your parking spot expiration and simply pay for extra time or go collect your vehicle.  You never have to get another ticket for parking infractions!

Ace Parking Zones and Locations in San Diego

Below you will find a list of 19 parking locations along with their zones and addresses that are under Ace Parking’s management that are Park Mobile friendly.

  1. 3201 – 1240 4th Ave
  2. 3202 – 3rd and Ash
  3. 3203 – 2nd and Ash
  4. 3204 – 3rd and B
  5. 3205 – A and India
  6. 3206 – 7th and Ash
  7. 3207 – 5th and Ash
  8. 3208 – Union and A
  9. 3209 – 4th and Beech
  10. 3210 – 11th and C (must determine zone from lot)
  11. 3211 – State and C
  12. 3212 – India and Beech
  13. 3213 – 11th and C (must determine zone from lot)
  14. 3214 – 1351 Imperial
  15. 3215 – 6th and E
  16. 3216 – 7th and E
  17. 3217 – 150 W. Washington
  18. 3221 – 5th and J
  19. 3222 – 7th and Market