Ace Parking is on the Side of Law and Order

Ace Parking is on the Side of Law and OrderThe team and management at Ace Parking have always shown exemplary performance in the field of community service and philanthropy.  Ace Parking and all their employees have a deeply ingrained sense of corporate responsibility.  As the management of the company was passed down from Evan Jones to Scott Jones to Keith Jones, so too did the tradition of giving. 

Supporting the Men in Blue

Ace Parking has donated to and become actively involved in over 50 charities within the communities where they operate.  They have always understood the need for security and safety.  Because of this, Ace Parking held a joint press conference with the San Diego Chief of Police William Lansdowne to announce the donation of $15,000.

Why so generous?

The donation made by one of America’s premiere parking management companies to the San Diego Police force was used to purchase specialized police bicycles.  They are equipped with several technological appliances and enhancements, which aid the patrol officers to perform their job effectively and efficiently.  The bicycles are being used to help combat crime and respond to calls in crowded areas, such as sports events and community gatherings.  The police bikes were specially designed for stability and easy manoeuvrability.

Why did Ace Parking Encourage Bicycles?

Ace Parking’s CIO, Jon Gjerset, spoke to the media and emphasized Ace Parking’s dedication to sustainability and eco-awareness.  He said that “Using green practices in our work at Ace Parking of San Diego is very important, so we wanted to apply this important principle to our gift. It’s a joy to make our community safer while also sticking to environmentally-friendly technology.”

Ace Parking encouraged the police department to purchase the bicycles because they were an eco-friendly alternative to the traditional fuel powered police vehicles.  Ace parking makes every effort to encourage sustainability in their parking structures, in their offices, and in their interactions with other people and companies.  Let’s see what prosperity 2014 will bring to the communities in which the company operates!