Ace Parking Teams-Up with ParkMe and CASE Parking

Park Me AppAce Parking, San Diego’s premier parking company with more than 62 years of history, is now making a trip to San Diego easier for everyone. Recently, it teamed-up with CASE Parking and ParkMe, an app available for download on iTunes, which allows visitors with smartphones to see in real time where parking is available.

Ace Parking will feed the ParkMe app real time occupancy and parking options so that all the guesswork about where to park is gone. Visitors will now drive into the city, check their ParkMe app, locate a parking facility or structure, park, and get to the planned destination faster and practically stress-free.

CASE Parking will then use its data management or “Counts in the Cloud” approach to automate the process of capturing real-time information for parking space availability. Accuracy is estimated to be 99.9%.

A hassle-free trip to San Diego is heaven Whether it is to the famed Gas lamp District, Cortez Hill, Little Italy, or the Marina District; San Diego is the perfect place to go shopping, or to go taste the many culinary wonders the city has to offer, or enjoying the vibrant nightlife in this city renowned for its year-round perfect weather.

Ace Parking will first test ParkMe at its parking facility located at 315 B Street in Downtown San Diego. If there are successful results, the prospect for expansion is huge given that Ace Parking operates over 200 parking facilities and structures in the City of San Diego.

San Diego is already an important destination for large events including the Comic-Con International 4-day convention held annually during the summer, and that hosts more than 100,000 visitors. However, now that parking is becoming easier, San Diego may soon take the crown away from Las Vegas as the preferred place to hold large conventions.