Ace Parking’s Dedication to Cancer Research

Ace Parking’s Dedication to Cancer Research

Ace Parking’s Owner and Chairman Scott Jones instilled his son with a sense of civic duty that has also been ingrained in the company’s corporate culture.  Keith Jones, Scott’s son, has claimed his position as Managing Principal of Ace Parking and under his guidance, the company has collaborated with more than 50 philanthropic organizations across America.  He often focuses on his hometown of San Diego and has developed a special interest in the SDPAC.

What is SDPAC?

SDPAC is the San Diego Professionals Against Cancer which is a philanthropic NPO (non-profit organization) that dedicates all the money it raises to companies involved in cancer research, patient treatment, and medical services.  The company raises money through monetary donations by individuals and companies in the community, as well as hosting many fundraising events.  Their most successful and noteworthy event is the annual San Diego Festival of Beer which will be held this year for the 20th time.

SDPAC does not have any permanent staff and all workers are volunteers.  Their volunteers come from local professionals and companies including members of the Ace Parking family.  For over 16 years, SDPAC has operated on volunteer work and monetary donations and as a result of their efforts, they have donated more than half a million dollars to many cancer related charities in the San Diego Community.

Who Receives Funding?

Over its course of operations, the NPO has made multiple monetary donations to several cancer research and treatment organizations for everything ranging from care to purchasing of medical equipment.  If you are interested in learning about any of these organizations, simply follow the links to the different organizations listed below.

1)      Friends Of Scott

2)      Clearity Foundation

3)      Rady Children’s Hospital

4)      Cancer Angels of San Diego

5)      Cancer Coping Center

6)      BioRad

7)      Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center

8)      San Diego Hospice

9)      American Cancer Society