Ace Parking’s Dedication to Cancer Research

Ace Parking’s Owner and Chairman Scott Jones instilled his son with a sense of civic duty that has also been ingrained in the company’s corporate culture.  Keith Jones, Scott’s son, has claimed his position as Managing Principal of Ace Parking and under his guidance, the company has collaborated with more than 50 philanthropic organizations across […]

Teamwork = Success

While it may be a cliché, it is undoubtedly true that “there is no ‘I’ in team.”  Evan Jones, the founder or Ace Parking, understood this and did his utmost to build his company on this idea.   For over 60 years, Ace Parking has grown as a company and, even more importantly, as a family. […]

A Strong Team Leads to Victory

We always hear the old adage “there is no I in team” and Ace Parking realizes that this is true.  It is a company built on teamwork, founded on the idea of “neighbor helping neighbor.”  Ace Parking strives for excellence in every aspect of its daily operations and it has paid off for the company […]

San Francisco’s Princess Cruise Partners with Ace Parking

Keith Jones’ company, Ace Parking, is one of America’s leading parking management companies with over 450 locations nationwide. In an effort to make Princess Cruises’ parking service more efficient, Ace Parking has taken over the operation of the 55 Francisco Street parking garage. Ace Parking has brought all of their previous expertise in customer service […]

Ace Parking Management and Company Gives Back

The birth of Ace Parking San Diego was one that spurred a change in the parking management industry. A Little History Over 60 years ago, one man was sitting in a small booth on a parking lot and decided that it was time to leave his mark on the San Diego community, and create a […]

Ace Parking is on the Side of Law and Order

The team and management at Ace Parking have always shown exemplary performance in the field of community service and philanthropy.  Ace Parking and all their employees have a deeply ingrained sense of corporate responsibility.  As the management of the company was passed down from Evan Jones to Scott Jones to Keith Jones, so too did […]

Ace Parking & Park Mobile Collaborate

Finding parking spaces in any major city can be quite a hassle.  Park Mobile has made it simpler for parking in San Diego and in other Ace Parking lots. Parking in San Diego, a city of over 1.3 million people, where the average amount of cars per household is about 1.8, can cost you countless […]

Ace Parking: Then and Now

Mr. Evan Jones, the founder of Ace Parking always felt that business should be approached with professionalism that incorporated expertise as well as ethics.  He was a very traditional San Diegan with the idea of “neighbor helping neighbor” at all times. Evan’s Legacy The baton of leadership passed from Evan to his son Scott, who […]

Ace Parking Hosts New Balboa Park Free Tram System

California company, Ace Parking Management, Inc., a California corporation, is one of the largest parking companies in the country. Founded in 1950, it oversees over 450 locations from coast to coast from the headquarters in San Diego. Revenues have surpassed the $350 million mark and they provide parking services for 200,000 or more clients every […]

Innovative Ideas and Concepts Make Ace Parking a Success

Ace Parking is one of the most progressive, eco-friendly, car-park management companies in the entire country.  Our team of highly dedicated employees are always trying to come up  with innovative ideas and concepts that we can incorporate into all of our parking facilities. Coming up with new ideas When our employees try to suggest new […]