Ace Parking Teams-Up with ParkMe and CASE Parking

Ace Parking, San Diego’s premier parking company with more than 62 years of history, is now making a trip to San Diego easier for everyone. Recently, it teamed-up with CASE Parking and ParkMe, an app available for download on iTunes, which allows visitors with smartphones to see in real time where parking is available. Ace […]

Ace Parking Focuses on Customer Service

Ace Parking serves approximately 250,000 customers every day, and their primary focus is ensuring that each and every one of those customers has a positive experience. Creating and maintaining robust relationships with their customers is something that they value highly. Not that they relish in the mistakes of others; however, they take away a learning […]

How Happiness Can ‘Drive’ Us to Success

Many people say that when you are looking for happiness, especially in your work, the key is to follow your heart.  Find the things in life that make you smile, and follow your dreams no matter where they lead you. These are the things in life that create fulfillment, and Scott A. Jones, the CEO and Chairman of Ace Parking, is […]

Keith B. Jones and the History of Ace Parking Management

Keith B. Jones, Managing Principal & Partner of the business and the grandson of founder Evan Jones, and son of Scott Jones, is poised to take over the company. He will be the third generation of Jones to manage this outstanding business. There is no doubt that he has the vision to take the business […]

The Staff at Ace Parking Earns Every Thank You

In the parking industry, it is easy enough to simply park the cars and move on to the next customer. After all, in well-traveled areas of San Diego, car lots are going to fill up regardless of the way the customers are treated. This is not the tact that the team at Ace Parking takes. […]