Scott A. Jones, Chairman & Owner

Among the most experienced parking professionals in the industry, Scott A. Jones has 50 years of experience. He has worked in every position within Ace Parking and can still fill any role within the company if needed. Scott graduated from Stanford University in 1971 and quickly followed in his father’s, Evan V. Jones, footsteps to […]

John Baumgardner, CEO & Vice Chairman

As an Ace Parking employee for over 25 years, John Baumgardner has earned his position as CEO and Vice Chairman. Starting as the chief internal auditor for Ace Parking has given John some of the best insight as to how to control the revenue and operational expenses. As such, he is fully qualified and licensed […]

Keith B. Jones, Managing Principal & Partner

The Managing Principal and Partner at Ace Parking, Keith B. Jones is also the grandson of Evan V. Jones, the founder. The small San Diego operation has grown to a massive 450 coast-to-coast location behemoth. Keith is ready to take over the reins of the company by embracing everything that the company has stood for […]

Steve Burton, Ace Parking President

Steve Burton is the President of Ace Parking by way of 30 years of experience in the industry and as a member of the Ace Parking team since 1989. In the last 20 years, Steve has been responsible for helping Ace Parking to grow into new markets and enjoy a rate of growth through the […]

Brian Gansert, President of Operations

The President of Operations for Ace Parking is Brian Gansert. Having spent more than 10 years living abroad, Brian is uniquely qualified to help with overseeing all Special Events, Surface Lot, Commercial and Retail locations. His attention to detail and a commitment to customer service is a direct result of his international approach to leadership. […]

Mike Tweeten, President, Hospitality Division

Mike Tweeten is the President of the Hospitality Division for Ace Parking and the embodiment of the spirit of moving up in the company. Starting as a hotel valet, Mike worked his way up into management positions and finally into his current role. His over 17 years of experience has provided Mike the talent and […]

Matt Griesheimer, Executive Vice President

Matt Griesheimer proudly serves as the Executive Vice President for Ace Parking management in Northern California. He brings more than 10 years of experience for management, acquisitions, leasing and marketing of parking properties at coliseums, mixed-use, airport, hotel, and commercial properties. His commitment to the parking industry can be shown by Matt being an active […]

Ross Seibert, Chief Financial Officer

Ross Seibert is the Chief Financial Officer for Ace Parking bringing more than 25 years of experience in the accounting and financial fields. As such, Ross handles all of the functions in the accounting and financial fields for Ace Parking. This is not the first time that Ross has served as a Chief Financial Officer. […]

Jon Gjerset, Chief Information Officer

Jon Gjerset is Ace Parking’s Chief Information Officer. As such, he is responsible for streamlining costs and enhancing operational performances through technology initiatives that are implemented and developed at a corporate level. Jon is extremely qualified to hold this position with more than 20 years of experience in the Information Technology. Starting as a graduate […]

Michelle Dente, Vice President, Human Resources

Michelle Dente is the Vice President in charge of Human Resources. Her talent, skill and education have been integral to providing Ace Parking with the help needed to strategically plan and organize the development of the company from an HR standpoint. Her leadership is responsible for innovating human resources with an interest in driving profit. […]