How Happiness Can ‘Drive’ Us to Success

Many people say that when you are looking for happiness, especially in your work, the key is to follow your heart.  Find the things in life that make you smile, and follow your dreams no matter where they lead you. These are the things in life that create fulfillment, and Scott A. Jones, the CEO and Chairman of Ace Parking, is a prime example of a man who followed a career path for happiness and received the best rewards for this (in more ways than one!).success ace parking team

For a man who went to college and began following his dreams, would you believe that merely a love for sports could be the key that factored into him taking part in a family business? After Jones finished his college education at twenty-two, he began working for the company his father had founded – but this was not his primary plan! Many would imagine that the reason someone would want to join a family business like this is because of the legacy of the family – or maybe the idea of having a steady job, but Jones was not looking for the easy route.

Due to hard work, diligence, and a strong work ethic, Jones determined that his happiness would come from working somewhere that he could grow independently and not with the ‘help’ of family. However, happiness for Jones was linked to another hobby besides hard work: sports! Yes, sports. Taking this job and following in the footsteps of his father meant he not only had the ability to put his passion and diligence into a family company, but he was able to see his favorite sports in the stadiums that Ace Parking was hired to work at! Who wouldn’t want to get the opportunity to do something you love with a family driven company?

Scott A. Jones put forth effort and commitment into this company and has built the company to one of the finest parking services in the nation – serving people, guests, and sports fans all over America.