Jon Gjerset, Chief Information Officer

Jon-GjersetJon Gjerset is Ace Parking’s Chief Information Officer. As such, he is responsible for streamlining costs and enhancing operational performances through technology initiatives that are implemented and developed at a corporate level. Jon is extremely qualified to hold this position with more than 20 years of experience in the Information Technology. Starting as a graduate from San Diego University with a B.S. degree in Information Systems, Jon worked in his career while picking up a slew of IT related certifications. As an IT professional, Jon has worked for such impressive businesses as a joint venture between HP and Kodak (Phogenix) where he helped to develop a company that became the leader in developing retail photofinishing solutions from inkjet technology. He was a part of the team that pioneered moving data and voice information over digital circuits with new technology for Pacific Communications Sciences Inc. and Nuera Communications. Jon joined the team at Ace Parking in 2007 and has been innovating our information technology ever since.