Keith B. Jones and the History of Ace Parking Management

Keith B. Jones, Managing Principal & Partner of the business and the grandson of founder Evan Jones, and son of Scott Jones, is poised to take over the company. He will be the third generation of Jones to manage this outstanding business. There is no doubt that he has the vision to take the business to its highest potential.

The Beginning of Ace Parking

Founded in 1950 by Mr. Evan Jones, Ace Parking Management Inc. was built on a code of ethics and filled with expertise. Mr. Jones believed that due to the rapid and astounding growth surrounding the San Diego, California area there was a need for a professional parking management company. Mr. Jones was a visionary, and from those visions he created from what was once a small parking company in San Diego, California, a multi-billion dollar parking Management Company, which now spans from coast to coast and is one of the five major parking management companies in the nation.

The Legacy Continues with Ace Parking

There is something to be said about a company who after three generations is still owned by the founding family. The Jones family still holds a vision of what type of company Ace Parking Management Inc. is supposed to be. The company is one that has extraordinary standards, and still believes what founder Evan Jones believed that a parking management company needs to have a type of “professionalism” surrounding them. It is a company which believes that there needs to be a high amount of ethics combined with expertise in the world of parking management companies.

The Present and the Future

The current owner of Ace Parking Management Inc. is Chairman Scott Jones. He is the second generation of the history of the company. He is the son of the founder Evan V. Jones. Between his father and his management, the company has grown from a small parking establishment to one of the largest in the nation. Ace Parking manages over 450 parking sites that span across eight states. States include Arizona, California, Louisiana, Maryland, Oregon, Texas, Virginia, and Washington.

On any given day, the company services upwards of 200,000 customers, which include the San Diego Padres baseball team, and banking giant Bank of America. The company manages services at various locations which include stadiums, hospitals, airports, medical centers, hotels, and retail and office buildings.