Ross Seibert, Chief Financial Officer

Ross-SeibertRoss Seibert is the Chief Financial Officer for Ace Parking bringing more than 25 years of experience in the accounting and financial fields. As such, Ross handles all of the functions in the accounting and financial fields for Ace Parking. This is not the first time that Ross has served as a Chief Financial Officer. He served as the CFO for more than 10 years in other San Diego companies and brings his knowledge of the field to Ace Parking. His service in the industry provides Ross with knowledge of cash management, budgeting, information systems, internal controls, and financial reporting. Ross also worked with a multitude of different clients and transactions as a member of a Big 4 public accounting firm where Ross worked for 13 years. Ross also has consulting experience with various companies providing assistance with their financial transactions and reporting needs. Ross’s formal education comes from Indiana University where he earned a degree in accounting and an MBA from San Diego State University with an emphasis in Finance.